Argan Oil is the all-round beauty superhero!

Argan oil is something of an all-round beauty superhero: the skin, hair and nail saviour is beloved by stars Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Selena Gomez for its rich, moisturising properties.

And the oil, often dubbed ‘liquid gold’ due to its rarity and expense, is also providing a lifeline for Berber women and their families in the semi-desert Souss valley of south western Morocco, one of the only regions in the world where the argan tree grows.

Long used as a traditional remedy by Berber women to treat wrinkles, scars, and acne, argan oil is renowned for being incredibly moisturising, highly anti-inflammatory and easily absorbed. It’s recently become one of the beauty world’s biggest new breakthroughs, despite being known to Moroccans since the thirteenth century.

‘We have always strived to go above and beyond to be as ethical as possible, and recently we were awarded the first Health & Beauty company to achieve 100% under the Ethical Company Organisation’s ‘Ethical Accreditation’ scheme.’

And it seems the A-listers can’t get enough of the beauty weapon. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has long said that argan oil is an essential part of her beauty routine, while Eva Mendes said that the oil is her ‘total skin secret’ and described it as ‘spectacular’.

Katy Perry counts it as a huge part of prepping for a photo shoot and celebrities stylists say that when Salma Hayek and Taylor Swift prepare themselves for photoshoots, they douse a few drops of argan oil into their skin and hair.

Other fans include Charlize Theron, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Scarlet Johansson and French beauty Marion Cotillard.

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