How Alicia Douvall’s travels inspired a beauty business with Argan Oil

The saying goes that beauty is skin deep and Alicia Douvall proves that it can be a matter of the heart too.

Investing in the industry came easy for the blonde bombshell it seems as a trip away inspired the star to give back. The 34-year-old travelled to Morocco last year where she and her teenage daughter Georgia got involved with a women’s co-operative which produces Argan oil.


alicia douvall
Alicia Douvall in Morocco

Made from the sustainably harvested nut, the mother-daughter duo work with an ecosystem reforestation project to ensure sustainably and protect endangered trees. From that women living in the area can earn steady wage, gain independence, and benefit from good working conditions and health care as well as an education for them and the community.

The former model and businesswoman traveled to Morocco to study the Liquid Gold.  From that point onwards Alicia decided to fulfil an ecologically conscious lifestyle.

Alicia Douvall in Morocco

Alicia Douvall in Morocco
I wanted to create an effective, non-invasive, luxury product that really works to transform skin naturally but dramatically and meet my high standards,” she says. “I am delighted to say that Douvall’s Organic Argan Oil does this. My daughter Georgia and her friends are also devotees to its skin balancing properties.”

If you’re planning a trip to North Africa, or anywhere else for that matter, and hope to keep up a good skincare routine without lugging a bulky suitcase full of products, we recommend taking the brand’s travel kit on the journey. Tree of Life 100% Organic Argan Oil  removes make up (even stubborn mascara and daily grime) and is also an age defying moisturiser, leaving skin nourished, never tight or dry.

Alicia and Georgia Douvall in Morocco
Alicia Douvall in Morocco
 Argan Oil  gives you a healthy moisturised glow all year round without the harmful effects of the sun.  Argan Oil Moisturiser is light enough to use on your face as well as an intensely nourishing body moisturiser



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