Looking for the Best After Sun Care? Have you Tried Argan Oil?…

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Argan Oil may be one of the best found secrets for after sun care.  I used to stick to various different Aloe Vera based treatments, however the thing I never personally liked about them was that they were so sticky.  I would put it on, let it dry and my clothes would still find a way to stick to it.  When you try take your clothes off, it hurts more than anything!

We posted about this earlier, however a friend of mine is currently vacationing in Bali with her husband and kids and she was smart enough to bring along her bottle of Argan Oil.  Her daughter got a sunburn early into their trip and before bed she put Argan Oil all over the burned areas.  She sent me some before and after photos that I just had to share.

Argan Oil After Sun Care BeforeArgan Oil After Sun Care After

As with all of our photos, they are not Photo-Shopped, nor do they have filters   applied, so please bear with the quality.  These images were taken with about a 14 hour time difference.

You can see that this little angel’s burn turned into a nice tan.


Well, with Summer just around the corner and in some parts of the country it seems to have come early, be sure to have your Argan Oil on hand.

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