Moroccan Argan Oil for Men??

cleansing bar

Hello Fellas!

So you thought Argan Oil was for the wifey or the girlfriend only huh? Think Again!!

Skin is the largest organ of the human body so its important to keep your skin nourished and healthy – male or female!!

It’s a one product solution for almost everything!


Its going around that Moroccan Oil can reduce/minimize hair loss. I’ll be honest with you – that is not something we have first hand experience with; but it can’t hurt to give it a whirl!

Meanwhile, we know for sure that Argan Oil can de-grease oily hair, add shine and style to any hair-do.


Dandruff, oily or dry scalp?  No problem, argan oil can deal with any of those like it ain’t no thang. I know it can seem counter-intuitive that it can handle dry or oily scalp but it does – magically.

All you have to do add some to your hair after the shower and let it soak for a bit or even just sleep with it in (throw a towel down before you hit the pillow though).


Dry skin? Oily Skin? Acne? Wrinkles? Yep – Argan Oil can reduce/minimize all of the above. Look, I’m not sayin’ that you’ll be in front of the mirror for as long as your girl; but come on! NO ONE minds looking a few years younger!!


Any skin conditions? Psoriasis? Eczema? Skin that is past “dry” and is now a nasty rashy patch?

There are tons of men that buy argan oil to eradicate unwanted skin conditions naturally! The best part? More often that not they can save money while doing it (and what guy doesn’t like saving some cash?).

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TREE OF LIFE Argan Oil Moisturising Face, H & B Cleansing Bar (105g)

Hands & Feet:

Hands calloused beyond human? Crusty feet? Yep argan oil works on those too. Its easy to use, just rub a few drops on your hands a couple of times a day! For feet, if they really need some work, its best to rub in thoroughly and then throw on some socks before going to bed. You’ll be amazed at the results. Oh, trust me, crusty feet are not attractive, not even on a guy.

Razor Burn:

Ever heard your man talk about how he loves shaving? I didn’t think so!!

This is actually what turned my hubby onto argan oil in the first place. He hates shaving and no matter what expensive, chemical filled products he used to prevent razor burn it didn’t matter. Now he applies some to his neck and he’s good to go – no fuss, no big deal. He loves how much it helps the little red bumps he gets on his neck!

Cuts, Scrapes, Burns, etc.:

All guys get ‘em and that’s ok, especially when all you have to do is put some argan oil on it and BOOM! Moroccan Argan Oil treatments help fight infection and as argan oil is rich in vitamin E it helps heal cuts, scrapes and burns quickly and minimizes scaring. Make sure you wash the affected area first, dry and then gently apply argan oil.

The more you try it the more you’ll realize that Moroccan Argan Oil is a household staple that is good for just about anything you and your family need.


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