We’ve Updated Our Stockists

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We’ve updated our list of retail stockist. Visit the Google Maps app on our website to find the outlets in your neigbourhood. Enter the suburb or town closest to you, then select the distance from your location to view all … Continued

Argan Oil- Liquid Gold from Mother Africa

      Argan oil has been referred to as liquid gold- so much so that’s it’s becoming cliche. But, the reasons are numerous.  First, pure cosmetic grade, organic, virgin Argan oil is literally a lovely gold color. It’s beautiful- … Continued

Want To Know The Secret Behind Beyonce’s Luscious Lock? Argan Oil!

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Want those radiant, voluminous tresses that superstar Beyonce rocks? You can achieve this look with Tree of Life Argan Oil These products are great for the spring to summer transition period. With this particular collection, you will not have to worry about … Continued

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