Want To Know The Secret Behind Beyonce’s Luscious Lock? Argan Oil!

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Want To Know The Secret Behind Beyonce’s Luscious Lock? Agadir Argan Oil!

Want those radiant, voluminous tresses that superstar Beyonce rocks? You can achieve this look with Tree of Life Argan Oil These products are great for the spring to summer transition period. With this particular collection, you will not have to worry about the humidity and heat destroying your waves or curls.Tree of Life Argan Oil products are infused with the Argan Oil and has nourishing ingredients, ensuring healthy hair. It will leave your hair feeling extremely light weight and non-greasy. These products provide that much needed boost!

Two great ways to achieve this look:

1st Look: For those extra care-free days, go heat-free withTree of Life Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.  Add Tree of Life Argan Oil for that luxurious Shine.

1.      Start this tousled hair how-to by washing & conditioning withTree of Life Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

2.      Apply a palm sized amount ofTree of Life Argan Oil to wet hair, braid and let dry.

3.      Unbraid and Shake hair for messy modern effect.

4.      Use dime size drop ofTree of Life Argan Oil to add shine and help color treated hair look vibrant.

2nd Look: For those days that you’d like to put in a little more effort, use a Flat Iron. Be sure to use lightweightTree of Life Argan Oil for its thermal protectant capabilities.

1.      Wash hair withTree of Life Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner to boost volume.

2.     Tree of Life Argan Oil generously to protect hair and Blow dry.

3.      Use a Flat Iron to create loose unkempt waves.

4.      Use a dollop ofTree of Life Argan Oil to add shine.

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